July 15, 2018

an untold story by Gold
Chapter Two
Concept & idea – Oluwakola Gold @Yskoluwakola
Written by Aabraham Anyadike @aabraham.anyadike
Muse @tomiwadada
Graphics by @itgoldshots

There was a day I over heard dad shouting out
at my sister about how she has a high interest for unnecessary things
and low intrigue for serious things of life.

In his anger, I felt bad about my life, at the moment I became more shocked,
when I heard him said that there is a place called tomorrow,
that only the wise ones think of how to get there.

After that scene, i went to my room to meditate about the phrase
(There is a Place Called Tomorrow) and was lost in my own thoughts.
After so much meditation and thinking. I couldn’t come out
with anything tangible, I then decided to talk to someone about it.

On a Saturday, after chores i decided to visit the library to
read interesting books of Christopher ikigbo and create some Poems
There I met a reading mate who got me discussing about motivational topics
and life endeavors. In his speech about experience, I found out that we all move
in the train of life but with different perception which takes us
to a meeting of learning and lessons.

I said to myself maybe that’s what Dad meant by a Place called tomorrow
In my heart i had a doubt that disagreed with such reasoning,
relating our discussion to my father’s action at home.

I was troubled that day and went home in confusion
It was on my grandfather’s visit that i shared the experience with him
and i found out that a place called home is our destination in life.
I felt tears coming down my eye because i haven’t done much about my tomorrow.

After the conversion with my grandfather, my night became drunk and vogue.
I began to feel helpless, I began to beat myself more than any other personal issues.
I went close to the calender on my wall and pointed out the dates in every month, I said to myself nothing is more productive than being friendly with time.

In my miserable figment i saw the setback in my life and how
destructive it is to enjoy every bit of wasted life without knowing.
I felt for my sister Jane because she has been a victim of the circumstance.
she has been enjoying a life that is a decoy.

Standing in front of the mirror i look distorted in my reflection.
I lost faith in the potentials in me and hated my ability of making
things right because i felt like there is no better train to get back with time
On tha note i left home to wonder in my loneliness.
On the hill of a charming beach i sat starring at the world through
my rearview as wind whirls by with time.

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