A Place Called Tomorrow – Chapter one

Story Concepts and Idea _ @yskoluwakola
Chapter – One
Topic: A Place Called Tomorrow
Written By – @legend_theking

A place called Tomorrow
A place called Tomorrow
With uncertainty in mind
I started a journey
To the unknown
Day in, Day out
I hoped
That with each step I took
I got closer
To my destination
This place I’ve heard of….
Was it truly real or mere imagination
The place was called Tomorrow
A great place
Where they thought
They’ll live in happiness
And no sorrow
Where we’ll live in plenty
No need to borrow
A place where
Everyone thinks his or her dream will come possible
Though tomorrow was real….
It only existed in the mind if a selected few
A selected few…..
Who talks about it like the taste of native stew…..
They would shout!
“I’ll go tomorrow”
“I’ll do this tomorrow”
But if the sun may ask us
When will this tomorrow come?
Cos with hope
We sit and await
The coming of a tomorrow
Which will never come!
Don’t think tomorrow
Begins at dawn, NO!
Tomorrow begins the next second
Which is to come
Tomorrow is NOW!
And not some distant future
Or some distant land
The tomorrow you seek
Is the place you stand
So let’s put up our guard
And protect this tomorrow
Tomorrow is sure and certain
But is not predictable
But it can be determined
By what you’ve done and
What you’re doing
Don’t waste time
Crying over wasted time
Make every second count
And make your life
Worth the while
If you do all this,
Then your tomorrow will be
Greater than you planned it.

Anticipate for Chapter two…

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