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Hey guys! This is the talk with guddiee! I’m super excited because this is my first post here. Yaay!!! I’m also excited about what i have to share with you guys today because it is a frequently asked question by youths.

Yes!!! How to get “that life” you’ve always wanted. In my discussions with people,a lot have stressed on “that life”. That life where you experience peace of mind,that life where you have a lot of money,cars of your own choice,a house in lekki, banana island,Ikoyi and even in the Bahamas! That life where you can be on Forbes list,etc. Everyone has that kind of life he/she has dreamt of having but here is the big question HOW CAN I GET THAT LIFE????

Friends, all the money you’ve ever dreamt of having,the fame,the “that life” you want lies in your PURPOSE! By purpose i mean why you were created and only you can discover that for yourself. All the great people we look up to today didn’t just wake up to where they are now, they had to discover the original intent for their existence and they worked in that line. Your purpose is your reason for existence. Why you are existing. Someone might be asking how do i discover this purpose thing, how do i know the reason for my existence??? The answer is below.

A great man of God who happens to be my role model Myles Munroe(of blessed memory) said this in one of his teachings. Where purpose is not known abuse is inevitable and it includes you too. Purpose is only found in the mind of the manufacturer.Thats why manufacturers always give us their manual where they pour out their mind. Friends, your purpose is found in your manufacturer(GOD) and he has given you his manual which is the word of God(THE BIBLE)! That is why it is very essential to have a close relationship with God so you can be able to hear him.

Your purpose on earth is a unique assignment given by God to you that only you can fulfill. Friends, there is something you were made to do that no one else can do. You are an answer to someone’s cry. There is more to life than just getting your degrees,getting a job,getting married,having kids and then wait to die. There is more to life than just that.It is very true when they say the richest place in the world is the cemetery. There you find unfulfilled destinies.

Friends, get tired of just surviving and make yourself a person a value and people will pay for you! In the society today we have placed great value on things like water,gasoline,etc that is why at any price people will still get them because we can almost not do without them. That is the same thing for you friends. WHEN YOU DISCOVER THE PROBLEM THAT YOU ARE A SOLUTION TO PEOPLE WILL PAY ANY PRICE TO GET WHAT YOU OFFER. Yess!!!That is how important your purpose is.

Friends, if thousands of people begin to pay you any price for what you are a solution to why wont you be able to live “that life” you’ve always wanted. There is nothing that gives peace like the fulfillment of purpose. Myles Munroe always says die empty!! Die empty friends. I hope this will get you thinking which will result to a change. THANK YOU!!!

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